Marcela Duran / Claudia Codega / Julia Urruty & Claudio Gonzalez / Veronica Salmeron / Eleonora Kalganova / Julia Gorin & Jonatan Baez / Gladys Barreiro / Alejandra Orozco & Luciano Brigante / Laisa Souza / Monica & Omar “Los Ocampo” / Olga Kamchatka / Anastasia Makarova & Rodrigo Hernán Saucedo / Cami Landi & Mauro Dutch


The Marathon was totally worth it and a mind opener for me. Thank you all, the people, who came with ideas, the teachers and the participants in creating this amazing event. Can’t wait for new on-line events! 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻🎉🎉🎉😘😘😘

Im so gratefull for the 1st edition! Honestly lack of words to express how much I appreciate the time spent with such a wonderfull maestros and dancers. Cannot wait 2nd edition! 

Thank you so much for organising this special event. I was limited with a broken toe but there was so much even for the temporarily disabled but easily adaptable “Me” , but I am looking forward to some of the recordings very much. I thank all the wonderful teachers for sharing so much experience and wisdom from their homes to mine. Abrazzos 🥰

Thank you for such seamless organizing. The zoom worked consistently well. There were only a few sound interferences. Bravo to all the instructors for sharing their passion and expertise. My body and soul received gifts and will be forever changed ...and grateful for this tango life and community I loaded up.

The online Tango exercise marathon was amazing! The choice of instructors was brilliant. All the classes were great, i enjoyed all of them. The admin was superb. The technical aspects worked quite well, and will only improve with faster internet in future. The main difficulty i had was getting confused with the instructors left and right, and my left and right when the instructor was facing the camera, especially with contra-body movements 🤔🤦‍♂️🤣. It was so amazing to connect, wave, say hello and work together with all the different instructors and participants from around the world. A big thank you to Julia, all the instructors and admins, all that helped with translating, and everyone that made it happen. I really hope there will be another online Tango exercise marathon in the near future, it was a lot of fun, great exercise and i learnt a lot. I would really recommend to people to participate in the next one 🌎🌍🌏💃🏼🕺🏻

August 7-8-9 2020 ONLINE


This is the second edition of the online

72-hour-marathon over the globe.

39 live classes from 19 teachers

+ zoom recordings of all classes.

For any questions please email:

©2020 Tango Exercise Marathon

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